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Transformative analytics to change your business model

Galileo6 provides real-time views of your client's campaigns, conversations and channels as they evolve. With instant access to these breaking insights, get ready to help your team leave report writing behind for bigger and better capabilities.

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Stop reporting.

Start consulting.

Moving your agency to data-driven strategy that leads execution is no easy feat. Galileo6 streamlines data aggregation and removes human error, letting your team focus on insights and recommendations that ultimately add more value for your clients.

Instant access to real-time metrics

You can't wait until a campaign ends to report performance for clients. Get instant access to critical, game-changing data to actively manage campaigns and strategies for optimal performance

Turn talent into strategists

Not all employees dream of data aggregation. Galileo6 frees up your teams to focus on analysis and strategic counsel, allowing employees to move into more meaningful disciplines—for themselves, your business and clients

Actively manage campaigns

Number of mentions is no longer a metric for success. Galileo6 focuses on relevant mentions, sifting through the clutter in today's marketplace and allowing your teams and your clients to see what matters—fast

Business Cornerstone

This is not an optional component or add-on feature to your communications program. It’s a cornerstone that bills to clients—designed to fuel your strategic counsel from start to finish

Features focused on efficiency

It's a universal truth in the business world—success doesn't come from working in a silo. And yet, so many of the tools agencies use for data collection cannot be integrated. Galileo6 presents data all in one place for a holistic view that can be customized for each client's specific needs.

Endless Integrations Mobile

Endless integrations

Unlike other platforms, Galileo6 offers you endless integration opportunities, which means you can offer your clients a holistic look at the data that matters most to their business goals

  1. Cross-channel assessment across PESO (Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned) channels
  2. Social data integration with sources like Twitter and LinkedIn 
  3. Web analytics from Google Analytics, Omniture and Web Trends
  4. Paid data from sources like Adwords and programmatic buys
  5. A powerful API means we can connect with virtually anything, letting you customize based on the needs of each client
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Support, every step of the way

Analysts who understand your business are at the ready to answer questions or guide you through an implementation process


What is a topic?

A topic can be a brand, event or a product. The topics you choose dictate what data is shown on your dashboard, and you can then use those topics to dig deeper into the news and social conversation to glean further insights.


What is earned media?

Earned media refers to news and content on publisher sites like blog posts, major media outlets, video content and more.


What is shared social integration?

Shared social refers to the sharing of news and content outside of your brand's owned channels on social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Earned Media
Shared Social Integration
Choose 1 additional integration: Owned or Paid
Command Center
Earned Media
Shared Social Integration

What is owned integration?

This integration includes core owned digital properties for your brand. It includes two unique components: integrations with website data hubs Omniture, Webtrends and Google analytics, as well as your brand's social handles in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


What is paid integration?

This integration includes data from, which brings in programmatic display advertising, as well as Google Adwords, which delivers paid search campaigns. It also includes promoted posts on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Every package comes with the following features:

Full server archiving

Cloud-based storage

Mobile and tablet friendly

90 days of back fill data included